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The Best Service and the Best Price with Net-Tell LLC

March 29, 2017
Those who sign up for Net-Tell LLC phone service get all of the features of the best local phone company service, even though they receive it all at the lowest price available. That is because Net-Tell LLC uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to route calls via the Internet, which results in massive cost savings, which they pass on to their customers.

The best part may be that customers usually don’t notice a difference. The setup is a pice of cake; you just connect a standard landline telephone to a box that, in turn, is connected to your router. The sound quality is the same and you can use Net-Tell LLC to call anyone you call now, including friends and family or people with whom you do business. No one except for you will have any idea that you are saving money on phone service. Net-Tell LLC phone service features unlimited domestic long distance calling, low rates on international calls and downs of features that many other phone companies charge extra for. Save hundred of dollars a year over your local phone company with Net-Tell LLC.